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Our team is very happy to receive questions, suggestions, and feedback for the game! Recently, we have received more than 100 inquiries, so our software team has chosen some of the most relevant and interesting questions at this point of development. Of course, don't feel bad if you don't find your specific problem resolved this time! After all, there are difficult problems that require our software team to spend more time with. We'll have enough time in the near future to digest and resolve every significant problem. Thus, our team has saved all of our players' questions in our databases.

Hot Issues






Estimated Date


Information Error

Missing User Attribute wordings





Information Error

Information Error on Deesse page





Data Error

Speed bug for user “Kaz”





Technical Error

Error in Deesse’s skill





Story Error

Bug for English story chapers





ing Page Error

Mining site has auto battle formation and error during battle ending page









Estimated Date


Problem with the World Boss

Time error during World Boss battle





Dungeon Unavailable

Unable to challenge Dungeon





Story is interrupted at 11 chapter

No rewards given since chapter 11





Reward lag, need optimize it faster

Unable to manually collect afk rewards





Errors during the loading of the fight

lagged during reward collection





Goddess shard synthesis problem

Error when synthesize shards





Thunder Tower cannot be challenged

Unable to challenge Thunder Tower





Language Error in story chapters

part of the chapters have language error





Re-log in to old pick for Goddess of Wishing

Returns to old pick in Goddess of Wishing when re-log in





Story error in chapter 21

loading error in chapter 21




Known Issues






The graphic is well once the characters getting the action attack, a bit poor in the previous tatic and in game actions, but i am not a graphic game expert so i can't say more. Is not so nice to see the game only in the central column when using the PC or Laptop. You can see what i mean in attachment. You could use a better FONT and eventually larger, because not so well readable the text below. You can see on the same attachment.


Cannot evolved these target goddesses. You can read more info in picture.


Athena position not correct . You can read more info via attached file.


This is not a bug. More like my recommendation. In-game loading page (not first landing page) some times stop working. I know that during loading widget there's a lot of data communication in background. Anyway when the case is not actually dead but they are loading some material, data , screen or anything this would be great if game shows us they re loaded. this can be actually data transfer gauges, Like you did quite well on the first pages.


Goddess's profile need scroll bar or text that the messages has not ended.


Highlight textbox overlap.


High light text box overlap. I just saw this after check next page so you can merge this defect with previous one.


Low priority cosmetic recommendation. It would be great if we put a little space here.


I dont actually know what Soul Carriage meaning. I think this block will ask goddess's profile or something. So this is weird behavior there ' are magnifier below for us to read their profile. But the question is Soul Carriage. More than that every options i ticked is corrected. I have clicked randomly for 3 times and completeness increased. This may seems confused but i need to point I do not understand the purpose of this block.


I've made 2 seperate transactions for NFT staking and it's not appearing in account. The 1st one worked fine and arrived within 10 minutes. The other 22 which I sent through batch from tofu Nft still has not arrived in 12 hours. Telegram manager said wait few days but I think it's broken since the in-game mail can't fit 22 in 1 file? Thanks. I just want it to work because of the 15 March Deadline staking..


Stuck on loading page mostly battle page. I provided more info and capture screen via attached. FYI I live in Bangkok Thailand . Perhaps this may be network issues. Ps. I cannot attached as PDF or Powerpoint file so I ll add page by page. Tested on Google Chrome Version 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (64-bit) . Win 10


Thanks for the previous support, I've received the 22NFT. Now another bug where I can't merge/fuse my R Amatsu. It keeps showing Amatsu has reached maxed rarity even though it's only an R. Have provided pics and it's only a blank after clicking level up.


Not sure if this is a defect. When reset Goddess (Which is top 6 level) . The goddesses 's level is not order by level DESC. but when we leveled up godest it does order in DESC automatically.


I entered Camp dungeon. Then choose challenge the battle. The battle prompt page seems pretty good. Anyway when click battle and navigated to loading page. Loading page suddenly stopped. Changed page back to landing page and I suddenly loose remaining times freely. I declared this is an unchecked featured rather than defect. So decided to reported it here.


This one I just curious. Orange square in left pic says defense team but the right one says attack. Is the right button text "Attack" should be "Defense" ?


request’s notification is missing.


World Boss can not enter, showing no data


1. Do I keep the items (powder of goddess, summon ticket, etc) when the game officially launch in mainnet? 2. I obtain 1 SR from the summon. Do I keep this SR character when the game officially launch in mainnet?


1. I have a N+ Athena. I can evolve it to R by selecting one N+ Athena, am i right?


Click on the icon below "Daily Login Bonus". The screen show - Favourite settings "undefined"


In the Chat, I key in Deesse Trial but show as "Deesse T**al"


The loading time take 3 separate steps, those steps taking quite long to be done.And to launch the game (start) is a 1 more loading long time.. I am using the game using a laptop. Also i insist that the mask, dark and empty in the edge of the LAPTOP and PC User interface, is a bit hugly. Check the attachment and eventually tell to COCOS Gaming devs to make something nicer. At least some better screen background.


The reward claiming "ALL TOGETHER" taking also long time to work out unless you start to click randomly arond the screen! Need to build one more bottom like "OK" or tell anyway to click around to finalise faster that process...


The words inside the Bottons like "friend management" & "send all/recieve all" are not so good readable. The graphic could be a bit more high clean quality


The scroll down by the mouse roll is too slow.... Need to use too much do go up and down. put a lateral scroll bar or just make the function more reactive


The levels N, R, SR, SSR would be nice to make it more visible. The colour can drive the people but is nice to make players proud to show with a better visibility that letters. Is also impossible to understand those letters now. Just enlarge the round shape and make a better grafic, more clear


Need a CLAIM ALL on this section in attachment and also here the scroll down up with the mouse is so slow. Make faster sensitive up down move or make a sroll bar on the right


There is a problem with the world boss . I tried to participate at 20:00, but when I click on attack, it does not attack and a message appears (NO DATA)


Game when Click to different point will keep showing loading with out any actions


Cants see Level of enemies properly.


The union cannot automatically upgrade, the upgrade button cannot be found. Godmother Homestead tooltip cannot be eliminated. Some fetter effects are not displayed.




Please add music volume


Main Story menus seems like there are no English translation in orange circle and some how background and text does not fit perfectly.


Battle button in english version not translated.


I think the background is not about right. The other cards have ehhhh more minimal ? Something like that. This obviously game's first bg.


im using a english language but the other menu is not translate yet


change name is very hard


equipment name and level are pile up


i want sugest for party/team system, so player can save a dessee combination and using it again for later


the text "legendary sacred stats" has out from the text box


For relics fragment, can the player directly determine how much they want to use? because at a high level clicking one by one is make tired


on deesse room, always have a sign " ! " , but i think there's no something new even i try to use all my decoration coin but still have a " ! " sign


a story not translate yet sir, we can't read xD


Click on "Avant-garde Domain" In Mystery. The text description of the domain cannot show in full. Please wrap this text.


Click on the Help menu in Mystery. The Description for "2.Combat Event" is not show clearly. The paragraph line spacing need to be increased


This happen when wanna text msg on world chat. Im using android


In Evolve screen, notice that the Goddess's level cannot be show in full.


Camp dun seems buggy. The rest info provided in pictures.


English translation missing in card opening page.


Skills upgraded malfunction. I cannot upgrade this card even her level reach 60. The skills red! notified (left pics) could possibly put wrong position. In generally this red alert of the other card exist on the third skills not the forth. (which is this case) I believed, This happened because the red "!" icon put onto forth item. if the code write well enough. The third skill icon should be worked (skill can be upgradable, 3rd skills can be clicked) even though the red "!" put in wrong element. But for this case, This can be possible that red "!" messed up the enable-disabled skills icon 's logic. I need to mention. Due to this could bring you to new issues. Gave you 3 pics. Main pic is one left. The rest is just another information and other states of this card ex. Level, Put in Altar and etc.


"The music is still on even though I have muted it. I got this error 3 times. After I reloaded the page it was working properly. This error is quite annoying when I have a call with my friends and I want to mute the sound, but it doesn't work at some times."


"The main story opens in English for the first time, but when it is re-opened the next time, it changes to another language. The same goes for some of the functions in the "Other" section."


"A small problem about the story part, even though I have downloaded the data for the first time, when I want to watch it again later, it still shows a message asking to download and have to reload the page."


"I'm not sure if it's because this is a beta test that you haven't completed the ""Tutorial"" part, but I'll include the bugs for now. When I clicked ""Tutorial"" it didn't respond at all."


"I used this function and borrowed goddess from friends. However, when used in battle, the combat power only increases by 100 and does not fully promote the power of the original goddess. In addition, in the manual it is mentioned that it can only be used once, however I have seen 2 appear on the cards."


"The "Camp dungeon" challenge is open, but when I want to enter the battle it says "Dungeon Unavailable". Maybe it's fixed, I can join now."


"I think part of it is also due to switching languages. - Text does not fit in the frame but overflows. - Text is close together in some places (no space between them). - Text is partially missing at the end."


"When moving to the 10th second, the zero in front of the time is not removed. ex: 1:04:09 - 1:04:010 Although the notification to receive the reward appears, when entering, it says "No Data"


"A player can have many cards and and many different teams, change formations frequently in response to different challenges. So if you can, please develop the function of keeping some favorite teams to more convenient."


"I wonder if it's possible to see the detail of Deesse while setting up the team before the battle? I often have to log out to see specific stats and then re-enter, it's quite time consuming. Especially with the Mystery mode, it will require changing the strategy as well as changing the squad many times."


I have a habit of pressing enter to send chat on the chat box. But it seems that in this version, I have to press the "Send" button to send the message. It is a bit inconvenient, but this suggestion is also based on my personal habits, it would be nice if you guys also agree with this point of view. - Also about chatting with friends, it seems that there is no function to delete or hide unnecessary conversations. If I chat with many people, this will make the chat box harder to find and confusing. - Furthermore, there should be a separate notification toggle between messages from the world channel and messages from friends. Sometimes the message notifications from the world channel annoys me quite a bit, while I still want to turn on notifications when there are messages from friends.


"This is also just a recommendation and my own favorite. Since I see that you guys made the character animation, it would be more realistic if it could be rotated 360."


"Hela NFT have the same ATK and HP (market place) with different rarity level


if we are already joined guild, i wish we still can see another guild information ( level, how many member )


on altar help, point no 8 is not complete


need filter option for sort deesse by rarity and level


I can't login to the game. I click Cancel or Retry , but still get the same error when login.


Main story progress lost. For more info


1.找不到VIP特权入口,无法获得VIP奖励 2.主线故事11章每次登陆都会提示未完成,点击完成后不会获取奖励






Crystal mining are opening up. Alert is on but no current event.


There is a bug where the main story chapter 11+ keeps popping up and redownloading. Game feels like Yu-Gi-Oh. Maybe add weakness chart on the battle select screen. For sorting, probably good to add each character skill after selecting them. There are to many characters and I don't know what they do. Holding down the character and load is too slow and inconvenient. Small pop-up with skill after selecting character is good. New characters will keep cominh out, and will be alot busier and harder for new users after too.


2nd stage of thunder trial tower get fail bug. Can't initiate attack


BUG: 1.女神试炼找不到入口。 2.VIP特权界面找不到。 3.同盟奖励、矿山奖励没有获得。 4.章节11章存在重复BUG


Group Level up button is missing in R+ rarity. Capture screen and more info in uploaded pics.


You will really need it in app format on Google play for it to take off, it has the usual Android game difficulty curve starts of easy and gets more difficult. I don't like how you can spend time upgrading your NFT's in game, but can only claim the original NFT back, you should be able to claim the upgraded version of the NFT. Being able to upgrade NFT's should be the focus as it gives players a purpose. The current idea of earning gold to buy Dear and then Love seems silly, with the Trillions of LOVE tokens you have for coin cap it doesn't give players a reason to strive to earn Dear as LOVE will always be worth a 1c or less, I would recommend looking at The Crypto Prophercies or similar games to see what their coin cap is. The game needs more subtitles in the appropiate languages, have of the titles mean little to me being an english speaker and I'm having to guess as to what it does. The Dungeon seems disjointed, you win a level of the dungeon but then can sweep it daily automatically, perhaps you should make it that it's a fight each time? The mine is an event, but there is no information as to when that event runs, it's just guess work when it's open. The Deese room has a ! that you can't get rid of, looked all over the place to action the highlight but unable to work out what it's for. Battle music is repeatative maybe get 3-4 tracks of music to help make it easier to listen too over long periods of time.


Card details have some uncompleted translations


Crystal mining uncompleted translations, and text overlap.


Card 's detail is missing.


the story is interrupted at 11 chapter,can not go on,plz fix it


godness room always show the red“ !” ,and can not disappear,so boring.plz fix it


Missing English translation.


Overlayed text and missing eng translations.


Visual bug with UR's. It will show permanent wrong picture until you tap the sort different color. Last time it showed Loki + something else. Changing screen to battle and other button does not fix it. Happens randomly, don't know how to replicate it but it has happened a few times already. Also can't progress past floor 21 in trials "insufficient challenge times".


Reward lag need optimize it faster. Spamming button does nothing but have to wait 5+ seconds pressing nothing to receive. There was also a summoning bug for the 60 summon guarantee. I removed Loki around 30 summon and put Apollo only. After 60 summon I still got Loki and the 60 summon reset without Apolo. People can abuse and pick their guaranteed without waiting daily limit if they know this bug.


Great, I have problems when I try to claim the request, this doesn't happen before


In dungeon section when I enter in some dungeon "Locked" legend appears, this doen't happen before


For World Boss , it show 08:00:00 Unlock. What is the meaning or 08:00 ? Is it 8 AM


In the World Boss Help File, it mention that Event Time is 8:00 pm to 10: 00 pm everyday. I check at 8:32 PM but I cannot start the Battle. I try to click [Battle start] button, but system prompt error "Locked"


Random Visual bugs, attached image. Think it's from rotating the phone, so probably need to lock portrait mode for the game app later on.


I see in the Arena section there is "Free Reset" and there is a countdown timer. Surely the purpose of the game is to charge for each Reset. However, now resetting is completely free, even though I reset many times. This leads me to be able to pick 1 person and fight that person multiple times a day.


In the Battle section, when clicking on the "Drop Item" chest, the number of items displayed is incorrect. And when pressing "Receive" button, it says "Currently No Reward". I didn't get this error before, however it appears now.


Deesse Pieces filter doesn't work


The words inside this botton are going out from the edges.


The number charaters are too small, even difficult to read those numbers.


The scroll down by mouse is really slow... Too much when list like this one are long. And is not a problem from UI side... Make it faster when users rolling the mouse roll.


Text cut off for Skogul, don't know what that skill does. Attached image.


Keyboard bug with IM browser after using chat 1 time.


Clearing backpack can get annoying clicking 1 by 1 or selecting all only. Could add a toggle to discard all gear under "x level". I've provided a screenshot from another game, would work great with backpack.


1) Errors during the loading of the fight and when starting the game where everything freezes and you have to close and reopen. 2) Error during the evolution of the cards where he selects cards that do not match and does not exist goddes 3) Error while collecting rewards, they are not collected and if you repair the backpack they are still there. Sometimes, however, it does not collect by pressing the button and once the backpack is closed it collects them instead. 4) Sometimes the screen goes all white and freezes (my iphone 13 pro max device) other errors recorded with videos that I cannot upload 5)Athena after she did not use her special power correctly, after killing the first enemy she repeats her special attack and after eliminating the second also she does not repeat her special attack again 6) the battle does not start as the last of the six opposing players does not arrive on the battlefield and the game remains stationary 7) other lockdown situations recorded with video, particularly when equipping goddess and 8) during the collection of daily and weekly prizes




Abandonment reward did not clear. There are some of them stuck for only three images in the right picture. After I clicked receive again. The pop up "currently no reward" shown. After I tested for a several times. I assumed that real reward works perfectly. Just EXP 622K, crystal 612K and gold 816k left. This issues may occurred from Google Chrome cache/cookie. If you need me to clear cache or use incognito mode please feel free to contact me via an email. ** Please kindly put anti-fraud label "I am legend." Inside the email as our secret. There are too much scam these day.




1.水晶矿山没有奖励 2.SR级碎片合成出现N级人物 3.水晶矿山无法夺取 4.世界BOSS存在29000秒的CD冷却 5.女神试炼消失。




The game is keeps showing the story at Chapter 11, I already reviewed to Chapter 14 but it will somehow restored back to chapter 11


My Dungeon is keep Unable to Open for 2 days already, others says their game is working fine


The drop box keep asking me to claim but I already claim 3 rimes


Dunknow what if this just minor error or assets messing. I prefer letting you know might be better options. In console (right pic). A milli second before Victory screen shown theres an error "load error personal/voice"


I exchange 80K Arena medal for Shard of Iris X 50 (SR). I am using this 50 shard to summon Iris. But I get a N Iris. Why not give me a SR Iris?


Need a CLAIM ALL botton also here... Because take too much time and clicks to claim all the cumulated rewards there...


Also here in attachement you can see the words are going out of the botton edges. Need to make the font bigger and bottons bigger too.


目前主要是这三个问题亟待解决: 1.矿山攻掠之后无法领取奖励。 2.主线剧情11章之后看完也没有奖励,且每次登陆会回到11章。 3.心愿女神出现bug只会列入之前放过的一个女神(我的是波塞冬),没有办法新加入,重新登录后又会只有波塞冬一个。


Baldr - Spelling mistakes in the Talent Skill tree Absolute Defense: Defense is increased by 15%, reduce incoming damage from basic "attact" by 10%








Buying a Shard of Barld in the mystery shop (cf screenshot) give a N deesse instead of a SR as the shard color suggest. It happen to me with the other shard sell in the mystery shop also past week. Additionally the main story is blocked at level 11, I can go further but I always come back on this level after reloading the game (and it is mark as new). The abandonment reward il block sometime I need to retry 6 or 7 times to collect it.


1.召唤许愿没有选择田雾姬,但抽到田雾姬扣除了许愿次数 2.日本阵营的50SR碎片,和全阵营的50SR碎片,合成全是田雾姬 3.召唤许愿系统,选择了其他,但重新登陆系统还是默认田雾姬。 请把月读还我


Black bar on top of screen after challenging main story stages. You won't notice so I attached 2 screenshot so that you can compare, and see that the top part is chopped off.


Can you add shortcut to character profile in the fusion screen too? So that it is easier to unequip gear and check Bond combo. You have already done it for the battle screen by holding down the character portrait. Same thing for fusion/evolve screen would be nice and convenient. I think adding another shortcut by double tapping straight to skill screen would be good too. To reach skill screen faster since too many character.




The project was great, but there were a lot of bugs that affected the experience,For example, chapter clearance rewards are stuck in Chapter 11, and the following rewards cannot be paid


The screen is stuck when receiving the on-hook reward, and the reward will not arrive until the popover window is closed


"Not sure if it's a bug or not. When entering battle mode and losing the battle, continue to attack many more times and will win, applicable to all levels except Boss Battle, although there is no change in Team organization, Desse Strengthening or Equipment Enchantment. Maybe this difference comes from the different attack moves each time as well as the critical."


"Sometimes the graphics don't show up, have to reload the page to see it."


The game is very cool


the game is very cool


"Wrong network" notification is missing. Only noti code shown.


I’ve merged 2 x 3 R+ for two SR Njord, But only received one SR Njord, the other is missing. Please check the log. Also please reimburse this and previous cases as I believe there are more missing cards from this. Thank you.


Main story chapter 21 crashes game. Chapter 11 still looping.


1.占领矿山后被别的玩家抢走,没有邮件提示,战斗记录中也是空的 2.矿山被玩家抢走后,无法再去抢夺其他玩家,提示处于免战中


1.世界BOSS存在CD:29000秒的过长CD 2.同盟远程游戏中断后刷新页面后挑战次数归0 3.SR级碎片合成结果为N级,已经发生4次在我身上了。 4.召唤女神许愿无法更改。 5.主线故事存在BUG,11-21章无法完成或者奖励。 6.VIP特权界面找不到。 7.每日试炼至今未修复 8.水晶矿山无法战斗夺取。


Game still crashing after the maintenance from 31st March. Attached screenshot of the crash, can see my taps from the touch screen. I was doing main story stages and quick battles. It has crashed on my Samsung S22 last night, And is still crashing on my 2nd phone LG G8X this morning.


Think I found the crashing bug. It crashes around the 10th loading screen. Got another crash after doing guild missions and then doing some PVP Arena. 10 Loading screens = crash. Chapter 11-21 download = 10 Loading screen from yesterday. Today 6 Ally mission + 4 PVP = 10 Loading screen. Spamming quick battle in main mission and dying/winning about 10 battle = crashing screen. Always around 10.


I staked LOVE tokens in V1. I saw diamonds reward in email game. But i cannot claim them.




"Buy SR pieces from Mystery Exchange but when exchange to card, I receive N gddess"


The game is awesome, but all loading is very very very longer. Need a first time patch to load all and stock in cache please. I spend 2 hours only to loading every data, characters, equipamentes, first battle etc Or a client if possible, idk


"Show wrong goddess, I met this problem 2 times. For example, the goddess is Konohanasakuya,but it show Themis."


"After maintaining, it always can't load game, especially after finish battle. Then I need to reload page, it happen many times "


As you can see on the attachment the written are overvritten on and under the graphic


Sometimes after few battles the game get stuck! Can't upload, need to reload the page all


Hello, I staked 6 SR and I received the cards with 26k gems, on the medium article it is written that stake a SR correspond to 6480 gems. Or 6 * 6480 != 26k can you please confirm the amount of gems ? I feel that the mystery mode is a bit long even if it allow to test new deesse. Bug : - The main story is broken I do not get the rewards and I always come back to chap 11 - The world boss timer is not working or I do not understand how it is working - buying purple shard give N deesse when invoked (I record it but I can only send image) I would like also congrats and thank the team the game is very good !


As soon as I get so many battles, the game crashes, and I have to refresh the browser before I can continue playing. I hope you can do something about this problem so that player can continue to enjoy the game.


As soon as I get so many battles, the game crashes, and I have to refresh the browser before I can continue playing. I hope you can do something about this problem so that player can continue to enjoy the game.


Hey! Please give a warning to users to NOT use MetaMask Wallets that use a Ledger Hardwallet for unlocking! Currently it's not possible to use MetaMask Ledger Wallets on mobile devices :(


Currently it is not very user-friendly to find the Overview Page of the Marketplace. This Button needs to be more of an eye-catcher (see screenshot).


Currenlty it is not very clear if you have to stake both, NFT + LOVE token to participate in the test. It should be stated clearer, that its okay to only stake one of those! Please add it on the page:


The current usability of the Draw Reward box is very weird. I think its better to also manually "collect" the reward here, because it doesnt feel rewarding if it's collected automatically.


The last page of the 10x Summon feels very weird, for a better experience there should be a button "Next" instead of "Skip" (Skip is okay on Summon 1-9).


The "Join an Alliance" Mission doesnt "grey out" after completion.


Altar: Why the cooldown time showing 29 hours?






In the Request screen, the translation is wrong. Should show as: "Left 8Hour00Minute". Currently showing: "Left 8Time00Minute".


In the Request screen, translation wrong. The button should show [Collect All]. Currently showing [Select all]


I get 50 fragment of Selena SR from the daily login reward. I synthesis this 50 fragment of SR Selena but i obtain a N Selena


Talent Skill screen: Translation is wrong. The button should be [Equip] not [Equipment]




Failure assets load as screenshot. Please note that your google drive not allowed to upload logs file. So i need to appended console output file with .jpg tricky gooogle drive. With you can either open with normal text editor or remove .jpg from file and this should be fine. If you have trouble with file opening please feel free contact me via email. Best Regards, Pragasit C.


After finishing the World Boss, the exclamation mark (!) does not disappear. This is kind of annoying.


Formatting bug on the Myster "Help" page.


Game still crashing, can't finish all my dailies in 1 go before a crash. Attached another screenshot, the bottom of the screen will bug out right before a crash. If I see the bottom of the screen bugged out, I know the game will crash right after battle. I'm just spamming battle skip in main story and it'll crash after awhile. Beta1 the game never crashed once.




The level 60+ restriction (Account Lv50!?) is not translated.


There's a new medium post needed to clarify the Test->Main switch especially ingame Achievements and staked NFT achievements. It also should clearer clarify, what the currently planned blockchain transaction are for release. for example, what items will be transferable to the Déesse NFT market. The crypto community in general appreciates high transparity and early information flow. Any insight into upcoming implementations and internal decisions is highly anticipated and appreciated!


Please add "SELECT" button for user experience.


Please add a "hide" checkmark to remove exclamation marks alert in floating castle.


I've sent LOVE tokens and NFT twice in the 2nd Beta and they have arrived instantly both times :) It's alot better than the first beta where I had to wait around 8 hours for the NFT. I think once this works perfectly, you should add the deposit/withdraw NFT feature directly onto your exchange. Less fuss and less user error when copying and pasting an address. You could always update the staking address on the backend too. If you guys can do convert feature, you could do deposit feature with a prettier interface �


It's been a long time since I've played the game, but it keeps hanging once in a while, although my internet signal is good and my phone has good memory, I love the game so many tasks, but my concern is that you focus the site to be easy to use.


Bought Shard of Amatsu-hikone but it not shown in bag (180k unit deducted). FYI I had decided to buy Rune of Signature just for test another item. It worked as expected and shown in bag as you see in picture. I made a purchased in 6.20-6.21 GMT+7 (Bangkok time)


Exclamation mark bug, Deesse Room (see screenshots). All activated but still in "Alert Mode"


Digit inventory blurred out at bottom left of screen.


This section in attachment with conversations are only in Japanese, can't select english...


Bug: "Level Up" Window shows skills that are NOT unlocked yet!


In the whitepaper you mentioned a 3rd Person Battle Royale mode. This actually is a great idea, with all currently available Gamemodes the user is having enough to do for daily grinding. However, it would be great to have one more Gamemode, more of a "fun" than "reward" gamemode. The Battle Royale format sounds like a great idea, and might be performed in a more "open world design" map, not classic arena mode. Maybe the next big thing for Version 1.1 after release? :)


You should honestly nerf/weaken Ame-no-Uzume. No matter how overgeared I am, I can't kill her 6v1 for 10 turns. I also leveled up Ameno + clotho just to kill her and still can't win 6v1. Clotho is specialized single target water elemental advantage, Ameno should be healer debuffer but they still heal anyway. If you won't nerf Ame no uzume, you should buff Ameno to disable regen OR cut the effect of regen to half. I've had ice stuns, heal silenced, and Clotho single dps + elemental advantage, and still can't kill her, it's getting ridiculous. It's anti-fun, especially to people that have spent thousands of dollars just to have uzume F2P never dying with perfect defense stalling out 15 Turns in pvp. It may sound like I'm being a sore loser but people are going to complain about it in huge waves once the official game releases. How can an F2P kill her if a big spender can't? I've added a screenshot with silence but still heals.


I bought an SR Apollo from the mine treasure shop but ended up with an N Apollo. The problem is 1. I didn't get the correct rarity. 2. How and where can I get more N Appolo's? I don't think she has an N summon, never seen it. Big bug cause u can't fuse her too.


The third unlock should be free too, only additionally to the third (4+5, 6+7) should cost diamonds. As the best unlocks are hidden behind the last slot anyways.


This is the first time I seen the World Boss bug out. 9th April 2022. Every other day it showed the bar going down with single damage, double damage, and triple damage. Today it didn't work at all. I added 3 screenshot. Look at the timer and my rank. It stuck on single damage all the way even with double and triple damage.


Sometimes shows zero if afk too long on a seperate screen. I was afk 10minutes on the battle screen or world Boss, forgot. Attached screenshot.


Hello, I think the German market is a very important one to target too. Germany has many Anime enthusiasts as well as many whale players. It does not need German translation, as most of them speak english, but some marketing in the german area would be wise to do.


Chapter 21 loading page . CORS error with assets.


1. I play the game on multiple devices. And the chat dosnt show up on the others. I know it may be decentralised, "send once and never again" but I think you may need a server specifically for the chats. Eg A user plays on an Apple phone, logs in, rushes his dailies, dosnt reads his messages because he's at work. Then he gets home, logs on from his pc, plays for a few hours, and don't even see the message. Not good. 2. You can probably double up the friendlist and just double up the cost of hearts for summoning. 36 too low. 3. There are still visual bugs, just look at the first icon, I've attached 2 images. It displays the wrong character. Must refresh by using the sort button.


For Ally expedition. I'm currently on the 4th island and it's extremely hard. I don't mind it being difficult but the low level characters and F2P won't be able to participate. I think you should enable borrow/lending feature in Ally Expedition. Even if they borrow 2 characters, there's no guarantee that they can even clear.. Since I can't even clear with full party high level. They might use up all daily resurrection just to weaken and clear 1 stage. Unlimited borrows from guild members, 2 chars max, kinda like FGO gacha game. They won't be able to clear all island but they might be able to weaken and get through 1 extra stage. The goal is for more participation.


"When receive new card (more than SR), it's normal will show in Deesse Room to unlock bonus strength. However, now it's not show new SR card, happen many times"


"Collect 50 shard of Selene (SR) in daily reward section, but when exchange, I receive N"


"It ask to download again in chapter 11, but now it be solved. However, it stuck at chapter 21 now. When click download main story of chapter no2, it can't load."


"Mission is "Achieve 2 Deesse SR", I have more than 5 SR but can not complete task. So I think it's text error between SR and UR "


"My referee more than level 10 now, but I don't receive more diamonds, only receive 300 diamonds the first time when referee sign up"


For the claim reward lag button. I can receive the reward instantly by tapping anywhere else on the phone... But not when I tap on the receive button lol. I just found it funny.




The text rounded in yellow in my attachment is appearing and disappearing too fast, can read only few words. Please make it slower. thanks


After few fighting in the "ARENA" the software get stuck and i can't come back. So i have to F5 reload the page again... Thanks


Leave a question here don't know what if this a bug or sort of things. In general we need the same rank to evolve. ex SSR we need 2 or 3 card with the same rank. But for UR in screen capture its required 2 SR (purple). Wont it be 2 SSR+ for upgrading ?


"It said that "full" list of friends but only show 35/36 friends, and I can't add more friends"


三个50sr碎片 r碎片,全部合成了n




Add "VIP" Button on profile to open current VIP level and benefits.


Hey, it seems like "talent books" are not given back on "goddess reset". It would be nice to also get back all skill books that have been used on that goddess!

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2.World BOSS: number of challenge times, damage stats, cool down timing

3.referral event: the link between players

4.Advise for adding announcement: announce what bug has been fixed and new

5.Comparison between characters: defense, damage, positioning

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