July 15, 2022

1.Our market is filled with a wide range of gaming platforms now. But the major disadvantage is that after playing for hours we are left with in-game rewards with no real-world monetary value. So will Deesse address this problem, and what solutions will you provide?

There are multiple usages for our token LOVE: Governance token (proposal and voting) Staking rewards (aged staking pool) at beginning.

  1. Used as booster for in-game reward or unfold hidden tasks or missions

  2. Used in crafting, minting and fusing NFT Access to PVP leaderboard and other event

  3. Exchange for in-game currency Once the liquidation and transaction amount is high, the value of token and NFT will be increased. What we can do now is just focusing on developing a great game and community in space.

2. What is the primary market that Deesse targets?

As you know the games originated from Japan, the Deesse team tried hard to rebrand the game, making it more internationalized. Not just from language translation perspective Our first go to market outside Japan is SouthEast Countries for various reasons

  1. younger population, more middle class and higher digitalisation level

  2. strong players base especially for gamfi project axie infinity started here and YGG also here

  3. admiration of Japanese 2-D animate culture

  4. our investor YGG SEA is here last but not least. Strong support.

3.Can all our Deesse goddesses use the same type of equipment?

Actually, it depends on the items Some items can only be used for specific jobs such as Wizard, Vanguard, Helper and Archer. And some of the items can be used for all jobs. For example, Wand of Night is only suitable for Wizard to use and Coat of Night on the other hand is suitable for every job. In order to find out what job each equipment is suitable for, you can check it out on the details page after you click on the equipment. Furthermore, there is also a score rating on each piece of equipment so you can see which item is better!

4. What is Gem?

Gem items are actually one of the best items you can wish for enhancing your equipment. These gems can actually enchant your equipment to gain additional attributes such as increasing your Deesse goddess's defense, critical damage, dodge, maximum health, etc These gems are quite difficult to get because you can only get them through Exchange shops or Ally Boss dropout. Each piece of equipment is able to equip a maximum of 4 gems, and you only need 20 diamonds to open up a gem slot for your pieces of equipment. Additional tips are that you can actually synthesize the same gems of equal level so that you can get better gems!

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