September 9, 2022

Q1: Deesse's third round staking has been over for some time now, when will this reward be issued to users?

In fact, some users have already redeemed and received their rewards. The third round of Deesse staking expired in August, but some players have not yet applied for redemption. In order to avoid damaging players' interests, all staking and rewards that have not been redeemed so far will be released to players.

①People who staking $LOVE will receive the same amount of $LOVE and $DEAR rewards ②Users who have staking Deesse NFT will only receive $DEAR rewards, the staking NFT will not be returned and will have to be withdrawn from the Deesse game by the user

Release time: All staking tokens and rewards will be released by September 18, 2022

Q2: Some players said that the YGG guild have taken part of the UR NFT Card so that they have a high starting point once they come in?

No, this is a completely wrong, the official did sell a batch of NFT cards to the YGG guild, but none of these cards are UR level NFT cards, will not lead to such an unreasonable phenomenon that YGG players can take a high level card as soon as they enter the game to directly suppress the existing players. Please rest assured. The official has always been doing this game with a kind of long-termism, and when cooperating with external guilds or organizations, the overall balance of the game will be fully considered, so please feel free to monitor.

Q3: What kind of institution is MetaOne? How does it work with Deesse and YGG?

MetaOne is a third-party data platform that has a partnership with Deesse, and YGG's guild players can rent Deesse NFT cards on the MetaOne platform and then play the game in Deesse to earn gold rewards. This is an overview of the relationship between these three.

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