October 28,2022

Q1:What is Deesse?

Deesse is a considered under a category of tradeable card game. This game’s storyline is based on Greek, Norse, as well as Japan, where every deities and gods are being made into Deesse goddess characters to help players on fighting back with the evil forces.

Every functions in Deesse are based on Deesse goddess characters such as level up, equipment, and skill enhancement etc. Gameplay of Deesse consist of arena, guild, as well as mine etc for players to communicate and bond with each other. Other than these awesome features, Deesse also has adventurous functions such as trials of tower, dungeon, mystery, altar, request as well as deesse rooms available for different kinds of player experience.

Q2:Why was level of the hero downgrade after taking off from the altar?

The altar is a magical place, when you put your hero on the altar, it will directly raise your hero level to the level of the top 6 heroes. When the hero reaches level 240, a new function will appear on the altar, which is to break through the hero's highest level and continue to upgrade. The level of heroes blessed by the altar is green, and once you remove the hero from the altar, the hero loses the altar blessing and returns to his original level. At the same time, the hero level loses its green color.

Q3: What kind of institution is MetaOne? How does it work with Deesse and YGG?

MetaOne is a third-party data platform that has a partnership with Deesse, and YGG's guild players can rent Deesse NFT cards on the MetaOne platform and then play the game in Deesse to earn gold rewards. This is an overview of the relationship between these three.

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