3D Autonomous - Anime World

Gameplay design and mechanics are subject to change. The current details are up to date as of 11th August 2023.

You will need at least one NFT character cards (Card) to start the game (four-six Card is preferred, as one Card will have a lower winning probability). Cards can be acquired by borrowing, purchasing, completion of in-game task, participation in community event (Whitelist campaign) etc.

Each Card represents one Goddess character (out of 40), and it will be one of the four roles (warrior, wizard, ranger, support), coming from one of the three mythologies camps (Japanese, Greek, and Nordic), bearing either one of five rarity levels (N, R, SR, SSR to UR).

Players can upgrade their Card’s capabilities index by using wearables, equipment, gear, and other in-game items. These cards can also be levelled up upon winning battles and advancement to higher levels, unlocking new skills or capabilities.

The most important strategy is setting up the battle line-up. You can choose to team up with different Cards (max six) in each battle and position them accordingly. The capability composition of team members and their position (two rows, three Cards in each) will determine battle result. The character Cards in the front row will suffer more damage, so players have to adjust the Card’s position according to their roles and capability index.

After the setup, players can click the battle button to enter the game. In the battle, you will win the battle by defeating all the enemies within the specified turn. If all character Cards on your side is defeated, or if you are unable to defeat all the monsters within the specified turn, the battle will result in a lost.

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