November 11,2022

Q1:Recently, some users in the community have said that I have completed the daily tasks, but I have not been rewarded. What is this?

There is indeed such a situation, the technical team has investigated and found that it is actually due to a bug caused by the last change of the daily reward settlement time in the arena, so some users could not claim the reward normally during this period. The technical team has adjusted the settlement time in this week's update today, and this problem will be solved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this period.

Q2:What are the recent developments in the project in terms of external cooperation?

Recently, Deesse is cooperating with some public chains and other third-party NFT marketplaces, for example, the NFT marketplace on Deesse's official website has added the reddio nft marketplace. In addition, Deesse has also obtained the project ecological fund grant from some public chains, and the details of the cooperation will be announced in the community afterwards.

Q3:Are there any recent updates to Deesse in terms of features or game mechanics?

Yes, in the context of our cooperation with some public chains and third-party NFT marketplaces as mentioned in the second point above, we have improved the card filter of NFT marketplace and fixed the bugs in the filtering. The game mechanics, where the gold in the mine is replaced with ORE and the ORE can be exchanged for DEAR token, are currently in the final testing phase and will be released soon.

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