November 4,2022

Q1: The speed of entering DEESSE game is slow, is there any way to improve the game experience?

Of course there is, now as long as you log on to, you can enjoy the fastest CDN acceleration game experience, which solves the problem of most users' game lag and slow game loading, thus ensuring users' game experience

Q2: Before the preview of the cooperation of YGG guild, the user seems to delay the news what is the reason

Because the cooperation with YGG guild needs a lot of technical development and debugging, and YGG guild is also doing a lot of game content and game experience testing, it will take a relatively long time, but now it has entered the final stage, YGG users will flood into the game and experience DEESSE together with everyone in the near future

Q3: Will DEESSE cooperate with other projects in the future?

Yes, DEESSE has already docked with many platform projects and will introduce a large number of game users in the future, and DEESSE has already opened the server in Hong Kong, and is now debugging the function of the new server, which will give a better game experience to most of the countries in East Asia when it is online.

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