What kind of game engine does Deesse use to develop the game?

The answer is Cocos2d-x, it's a type of modern open source cross-platform game development framework.This engine consist of various functions such as graphics redering, gui functions, audio, networking,object orientation as well as user interfaces input etc.This engine is widely used in the whole world for interactive application structures. As for core language, we uses C++ for programing, as for support, we used C++, Lua or javascript for product development.CocosCreator is the main development program that Deesse used for development engine, it allows us to use it for content creation, scripting, database management and progressive framework. In addition, it is also a user-friendly platform that allows effective product workflow, and having efficient functions for developers to use and hence, creating high quality effects and yet logical game structures. CocosCreator has also been used to create many classic 2D games such as HappyCoder, and WoodPuzzle etc.

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