August 12,2022

This week's maintenance content.

  1. French currency top-up function updated: support VISA and MASTER debit card, credit card French currency top-up

  2. Invitation activity will be launched, during the activity period, invite friends to register and recharge to get a generous reward

  3. Goddess card Shijakul added to the card pool, the first two weeks of card draw probability doubled

  4. NFT casting rules updated: free NFT casting is cancelled, NFT casting will consume paid diamonds

  5. Optimize the translation of some interface issues

  6. Fix the NFT casting exception problem for some users

  7. Fix the issue of abnormal mine opening time for some users

  8. Fix the Enjoy to Earn arena season prize pool abnormal reward issuance for some users

  9. Enjoy to Earn reward collection rules updated: the minimum amount of reward withdrawal is 300 Dear

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