Goddesses Of Love❤️

Full story on AMAZON KDP Title: Deesse The Books Of Love SAGA - Book 1 -

The year is 2027 and human civilization is facing a profound psychological instability. Many human beings are aware that a bright new ERA is coming, however many other human beings are indulging in fears and weaknesses, both personal and externally fueled by world societies and from other tyrant men.

Greed, abuse, war, addictions, apathy and so many other negative feelings and actions are throwing humanity into chaos and despondency. But all is not lost! A group of human beings with courage and good heart, as "Warriors of Light" by wise elders, are teaching a very precious secret.

They know that thanks to the infinite power of mind and heart they could call the "Goddesses Of Love" ❤️

🍀 GOLD NFT Art Line 1: available on OpenSea, Binance, Element, Tofu NFT and other third parties NFT Marketplaces.

The Goddesses Of Lovre with their magical helpers, the “Guiding Souls” ❤️

🍀🍀 PLATINUM NFT Art Line 2: exclusively on OpenSea on launch.

Only the Goddesses of Love and their Guiding Souls, as extraterrestrial beings with supernatural powers, could have saved the world by collaborating with a special awakened kind of humans, which in this storyline and in future we will call the “Warriors of Light'', all of you dear reader. You, human, as “Warriors of Light'' which we fantastically like to identify in these special evolved groups:

  • "Indigo" Humans

  • "Crystal" Humans

  • "Rainbow" Humans

  • "Diamond" Humans

Which of these human beings with a special sensitivity do you feel best represented by? Read on and think about it…The time has come to identify yourself, to make this magical story a reality!

Three interconnected books will follow, which will contain the "Guiding Souls" NFTs for each theme: (-1-) Humans Guiding Souls (-2-) Universe Guiding Souls (-3-) Nature Guiding Souls

The Guiding Souls complete the 3 groups of our SuperHeroes, and thus also complete the 4-book saga "Deesse The Books Of Love". They are functional to support conscious human beings, Warriors of Light and magical Goddesses Of Love, as always coming from the infinite parts of the Universe. When human beings of goodwill "Warriors of Light" connect to the Goddesses of Love, something very special happens: the noblest sentiments of human beings, the treasures of nature of Planet Earth and the highest energy powerful from the Infinite Universe will come in support. All of it is represented by the "Guiding Souls" as already introduced.

You will thus be able to discover a fantastic world where each Guiding Soul will have a special name full of meaning. These names will be identifiable in "Hashtags" (#) which will thus be indexed on the pages of the NFTs Marketplaces which will host the sale of the corresponding NFTs. That's all for now, follow the SAGA in the 3 books just described, which will expand for a whole year 2024 and for the next few years to come!

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