June 27, 2022

1.What is Deesse?

Deesse is a considered under a category of tradeable card game. This game’s storyline is based on Greek, Norse, as well as Japan, where every deities and gods are being made into Deesse goddess characters to help players on fighting back with the evil forces.

Every functions in Deesse are based on Deesse goddess characters such as level up, equipment, and skill enhancement etc. Gameplay of Deesse consist of arena, guild, as well as mine etc for players to communicate and bond with each other. Other than these awesome features, Deesse also has adventurous functions such as trials of tower, dungeon, mystery, altar, request as well as deesse rooms available for different kinds of player experience.

2.What is biggest feature about Deesse?

Having to spend a lot of time and money into game has always been a big problem for gamers. In order to counter this issue, Deesse has implement a function for AFK where players can get rewards even when they are offline. This is to reduce player’s effort and stress so that they are truly enjoy the game.

In addition, Deesse is also introduced as a metaverse game, other than enjoying the game, players can also enjoy the benefits of earning token and NFT assets. These can be actually be converted into real monetary assets.

3.Deesse is not a VR game, can it still be categorized as a metaverse game?

It is true that VR is a hype point of metaverse, however I do not think that metaverse is all about VR. The original purpose of inventing a game was to create a virtual world for everyone. Before metaverse was introduced, players can only keep their gaming experience as a memory. With the invention of metaverse, players are able to exchange their efforts and time for tradeable assets, this is the true core value that I thought of metaverse. When Deesse's model has succeed in bringing in popularity, it can even venture towards VR, AR or whichever players demanded it to be. Despite any changes or upgrades, It’s original purpose of letting gamers gain a piece of fortune in virtual world will be never be changed.

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