July 29, 2022

1.What is the next step for Deesse?

The next step for Deesse is to bring in more players in our games. The Game is ready to go after several rounds of testing. Also some very professional game testers tried our games as well with very positive feedback. We believe the quality of the game is top notch. the potential players will enjoy playing the games. Therefore, the next step for us is to approach more gamers' communities to create awareness and access. Pls stay tuned for more community involvement, go to marketing events.

2.There are lots of discussions on the economic model for the Gamefi project. Playing to earn seems not sustainable. What is your view?

Most gamfi play to earn models seem unsustainable especially under current market conditions. Fundamentally, we don't believe in the pure play to earn model as it lost the very basic value creation in the game industry - entertainment. Most Gamfi projects in crypto space focus a lot on the economic model, using higher yield to attract players whilst the game play part is a bit boring. Deesse plays the game in a different way. First and foremost is the entertainment or playfulness of the games. it must be attractive enough for players to participate in. Based on our initial testing and feedback from testers and community, we believe we created a top quality game. Second part is to maintain a healthy economic model, not just zero sum games but value creation to make pie bigger. What I mean is to increase the key matrix in the games like registered user, active user per day, ARPU etc to make the platform more valuable due to more game economic activities.

3. What is the plan to grow the player base?

We will introduce different go to market strategies to increase our user base. i) Partnership with guilds 2) partnership with Game platform with players community 3) reference program e.g incentives to existing users who can bring new players in the games.

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