September 30, 2022

Q1:Nowadays, there are a lot of scammers and bogus platforms in this field and we need to search first before we invest, so can you tell us more about your platform so that we can trust it?

We have list many feature about our project and platform and do many warns about scammers. I think if you keep follow our offical social network and notice, don't easily trust any list thing, you will be fine.

Q2: Can you tell us about the deesse team's recent progress of the project?

As you know, the online environment testing of the NFT rental functions for guilds have been basically completed. Soon, YGG guild members will be able to access the game, thus significantly increasing the number of players and the influence of the game. In addition, we are actively communicating with CPAY, a fiat recharge platform, to improve the recharge experiences for players and through multiple servers. Once the upgrading is done, it will be more convenient to complete the recharge.

Q3:How does the DAO proposal work?

Once the vote begins in Telegram, there will be 2 wallet address being published, if the community member agrees and wants to support proposal A, he/she may send tokens to the address provided, on the other hand, if another community member wants to support proposal B, he/she may send tokens to the address given. Please do have a serious consideration over the proposals as it will affect the community and game once approved.

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