August 12, 2022

1.What are the new card extraction rules?

The consumption of diamonds is increased during the card upgrade process, specifically when the card is upgraded to full level, in addition to the consumption of gold, soul stones and dust, additional consumption of diamonds is required. For example, if a SR+ quality card is full at level 120, only the existing resources + diamonds will be consumed when leveling up to level 120, the rest of the levels will consume the same resources.

2.How do I consume diamonds?

Low quality cards N-R, R+, SR consume free diamonds. High quality cards SR+, SSR, SSR+, UR, UR+, UR Flash~5 Star consume paid diamonds.

3.What is the process for importing and exporting NFTs?

NFT import: Login to the DEESSE website Home-My NFTs-ALL Select Goddess to import and connect to your wallet for confirmation. Check through your Deesse game email.

NFT export: log in to the DEESSE game, select the goddess you want to withdraw your card from, click on Cast NFT to export your NFTs and check them through the Deesse website afterwards.

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