August 26, 2022

Q1: The Deesse game interface frequently freezes. Is there a viable solution?

We have officially launched the deesse CDN server, and users only need to log in to play. When playing the game, you can have a happy game experience, and you can also play deesse and other small games directly on signapp.

Q2: There aren't many players in the game right now. Do you have any plans?

At the moment, we have finished the user development for YGG and other guilds. In the near future, a large number of users from YGG and other guilds will join the game and share your deesse joy.

Q3: The game experience on the mobile end is not as good as that on the PC. is there any good solution?

We are currently developing a mobile app version. In the near future, users will be able to directly download and experience the process's game experience on Google Play and the App Store, making it more convenient for most mobile users to play deesse.

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