The Guiding Souls

1095 Anime NFT Art Avatars (Hashtags #)
The "Guiding Souls" are ethereal entities that represent the noblest feelings and the most beautiful expressions of human beings (theme 1), they represent some elements of the universe (theme 2) and some plants and flowers of nature on Earth (theme 3). They have the important power to activate the connection between the "Warrior Of Light" and the "Goddesses Of Love". All future books will talk about them and their stories on Earth to awaken lost or disheartened human beings. You can also collect their NFTs by selecting them on the "The Calendar Of Love" web page of the website www.deesse.art. Each NFT is connected to a specific Hashtag and a single day of the year, from January 1st to December 31st, 2024.
So, the “Guiding Souls “are 3 X 365 (one per human calendar days) for a total of 1095. These beautiful NFTs Art characters represent the “Guiding Souls” (in support of the Goddesses of Love and Human Warriors Of Light as said above). You can find all of them on the consecutive books from the book number 2 to the book number 13 (January to December 2024).
The 3 groups for a total of 1095 NFTs are:
The names of each NFTs with a different in theme background, are meaningful. For example, some of the “Human theme NFTs” are called “Felicity, Loyalty, Elegance, Fantasy, Kindness, Compassion etc. (for a total of 365 NFTs as per 1 year).
They will support in every way the 3 groups Goddesses of Love who have come from all the ends of the universe, with the aim of saving the planet earth and the entire humanity from sadness and surrender to the worst human behaviours.
The Calendar Of Love
Introduction to Guiding Souls Books
This first book, as introduction to the whole SAGA "Déesse The Books of Love", wants to describe and then unite all the elements of this magical story, where you too are the protagonist to change the world through feelings of love and sharing, collecting high rarity NFTs that will grow in value overtime.
“In fact, each NFT anime Art avatar will be mined from time to time in limited quantities and with different prices. All those who purchase the first lines of NFTs will have an advantageous position to later trade them on Deesse's native and third-party marketplace. Dream Labs will donate part of the proceeds earned from the sale of NFTs to charity, further changing the world, in addition to the messages of peace, love and brotherhood that the books themselves want to spread throughout the entire universe. Thanks again for your valuable contribution”.
In this last short chapter, we introduce you to the 3 interconnected books, which will contain the "Guiding Souls" for each theme:
Theme 1: Humans elements Guiding Souls
Theme 2: Universe elements Guiding Souls
Theme 3: Nature elements Guiding Souls
The Guiding Souls complete our 3 groups Superheroes of "Déesse: The Books Of Love" SAGA. They are functional to support conscious human beings "Warriors of Light" and the magical "Goddesses Of Love", as always coming from the infinite parts of the Universe. Then you will be able to read in the description which pair of humans and goddesses of love each Guiding Soul gives support to.
When human beings of goodwill "Warriors of Light" connect to the "Goddesses of Love", something very special happens: the noblest sentiments of human beings, the treasures of nature of Planet Earth and the highest energy powers from the Infinite Universe will come in support. The trinity is thus reunited by the "Guiding Souls" magic.
Book’s themes (book number 2 to 13 as January to December 2024) are always available on Amazon KDP with author Andrea Falcinelli. You will thus be able to discover a fantastic world where each "Guiding Soul" will have a special name full of meaning, for every day of the month, for every month of the year.
These names will be identifiable in a connected "Hashtags" (#) which will thus be indexed on the pages of the NFTs Marketplaces (native on deesse.art or third-party marketplaces) which will host the sale of the corresponding NFTs.
You are reading a book conceived and written in Q4 2023 and during 2024, so we are in a visionary and revolutionary phase of the system, both technological and financial. This revolution passes through blockchain technology and through the new decentralized cryptocurrency market. With this project we would like to connect all the people of Web1 (internet in general), Web2 (social media and communities) and therefore Web3 (blockchain and crypto).
A new book SAGA will be published during the 2025 ... and we hope on the consecutive years too.
That's all for now, follow the SAGA in the 3 themes books just described, which will expand for a whole year and as said hopefully for years to come! :)