July 8, 2022

1.Can you explain to us about the plan regarding Deesse merchandises?

Of course, recently Deesse has officially published about the keycaps that comes with our goddess theme as the first batch of physical products. These keycaps had been remodeled over 30 times before finalizing. Regardless of materials and workmanship, the quality of our keycaps are far better than the other keycaps under similar price points. Keycaps is only our first step of launching physical merchandises, we will be publishing a series of merchandises such as Deesse goddess theme cards, stickers, etc. Do stay tuned to our news!

2.When will the Deesse themed keycaps be launch and how wil Deesse launch it?

Deesse themed keycaps will be officially launced on 23th July 2022. We will be using raffle method on launching. The procedure will be as followed: Deesse will release a website a few days before the official launch where you may choose to subscribe where it will prompt you a notification a few hours before the launch. Afterward, you can fill in your particulars in the registration portal and proceed with the purchases. Deesse will be announcing the winners a few days after the official launch, if you are selected, it will means that you have successfully purchased the item. If you are not selected, the amount of money that you paid during subscription will be refunded back to your account.

3.What is Deesse planning for its future merchandise products? And how is Deesse going to position itself?

This is actually a great question. In fact, we are actually planning to make Deesse a fashion brand for its merchandises, where it can not only attracts our players, but also the potential traditional Web2.0 users, making Deesse to breakthrough reality. Regarding the Deesse themed keycaps that was published, it also served to be an important step on completing the ecosystem of Deesse itself which is really meaningful.

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