September 16, 2022

Q1: How does deesse earn money?

The primary goal of deesse is to give players a good enough gaming experience, and we have two ways of realizing it. One is a long-term gain, the player can exercise his goddess in the game, practice full level and then extract the goddess into NFT, and then trade NFT with other players to make a profit. The other is short-term gains, where deesse officials set up prize pools and players participate in the arena and ancient miracle events to split these prizes.

Q2: How much money can I make with deesse?

The daily deesse prize pool is 60kdear, in addition to the weekly season prize pool of 150kdear, which is about 80k+ dear rewards per day. Players who have earned dear can contact the administrator in the deesse group to exchange it 1:1 for love listed on the major exchanges on the 18th of each month. As for NFT, it can be traded directly with players on the deesse official trading market. Selling NFT can get udst, which can be liquidated in all major exchanges. The current NFT price is still at a low point, and the most expensive NFT successfully sold is priced at $115.

Q3: What is the appreciation potential of deesse?

Deesse is currently one of the most fun games in the chain, and many insiders have already invested thousands of hours in the game. Compared to other coins, deesse-backed coins have a consumption channel that is of equal status to fiat. The NFT of deesse is freely traded by players, but the economic system of deesse will support whale players to go to the market to buy the NFT of ordinary players, because deesse does not sell all the resources in the game, even whale players, it is difficult to buy the resources to become stronger quickly, then the NFT of other players refining is the best target for these players, so the buying plate of NFT will expand with the expansion of the game group.

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