Vision & Mission 2

The Key Points

Read Books, Collect & Trade NFTs, Share the “message” & Change the World

During 2024 Deesse will launch a new line of 1095 NFTs called "Guiding Souls" and contained in "The Calendar Of Love", the Storylines are written on "Deesse The Books Of Love". The "Guiding Souls" are connected to the first line of "Goddesses & Mystery Boxes" minted during 2023 and currently listed on BINANCE NFT Marketplace and many other third party Marketplaces (check on These NFTs will be supported by the publication of their storylines as mentioned above, via ebooks and paper books, published on Amazon KDP & Connected bookshelf.

The minting of NFTs and publication of books will be done on a monthly basis during 2024. This new NFTs will be launched on the market with supportive collateral martketing activities.

  • The new line of NFTs will be driven by the publication of 13 books (2024 publications) on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon Paper Book global channels, creating new business opportunities, online marketing and advertising actions on a global scale (On social media especially Instagram and Twitter X).

  • The messages connected to this innovative operation (which connects the world of Web2 directly to Web3), will be a great stimulus for investors, NFT collectors, readers and players. The mission: change the world by sharing principles and stories of positivity and consciousness via NFT Art, eBooks and Paper Books, as SocialFi.

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