Indigo Warrior Humans

Soul type - 1 - Indigo

Born to ease the way for the Crystal, Diamond and Rainbow humans, their mission is to spread peace and unconditional love. They fail to be followers of anyone or anything because they are generally transgressors. Anything that limits their free spirit is rejected. If treated pharmacologically they could lose their spiritual gifts, their strong fighting personality and their sensitivity.

Creative, empathic, extremely intuitive, knowledgeable, creative they come into the world with a sense of royalty and often behave accordingly. Many are tech savvy. They also have a warrior spirit, ready to sweep away all the old prejudices and patterns that are no longer needed, in fact they have a fairly aggressive nature: very self-aware and with a willpower that is difficult to tame.

They are here to allow the restoration of a man-nature balance by freeing us from false myths, false beliefs and fuelling the birth of a more just world where the only logic of profit and greed is not accepted. They perceive dishonesty, lying and understand when they are manipulated even if they are easy to forgive.

They are capable of sensing the feelings and thoughts of those around them and would give their lives for the truth. They appear antisocial or asocial unless surrounded by people like themselves. They often withdraw into themselves feeling that no one understands them. School is a tough test for them.

It is thought that they speak with more evolved beings.

They are nature lovers and have a visceral love for animals, they are often very adventurous and often avoid places that are too crowded and chaotic. Sometimes the human side can take over and they may start smoking, drinking and using drugs but then regret it with time.

They are very "children" even as adults, they are playful, joyful and happy. They try to eat healthy: fruits, smoothies, organic, spicy and fresh foods.

They are curious, with a great desire to learn and never stop asking, talking and confronting each other. They need to expend their energy to avoid getting bored, so they are often very misunderstood as they cannot easily be diplomatic and tactful, because they have to say things bluntly and cheekily. Often for this they have a lonely life.

Dear Indigo human beings, the world needs you and your infinite power. Let's fight on Déesse “The Book of Love”, let’s Go!

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