Vision & Mission 1

The Key Points

AI-Agents & Anime RPG heroes, 3D Autonomous-Anime World, NFT Marketplace for UGC World, Deesse ToolKit

AI Powered - Anime RPG Characters Heroes

Enter a next-gen gaming experience where AI Agents power the gaming universe. Our AI agents learn and adapt to player behaviors, creating rich story lines and immersive in game experiences. Each AI Agent will be an on-chain entity that has its own unique personality and abilities, ensuring that the Deesee world evolves on its own. Furthermore, they’ll be a part of the game’s economy and change the storylines based on player decisions. This combination of AI and blockchain ensures dynamic gameplay and transparency and fairness throughout your experience.

3D Autonomous - Anime World

Welcome to our Autonomous Anime UGC platform, the epicenter of all AI-driven anime worlds. Players will be able to create their own anime realms using advanced AI tools and procedural generation. Each on chain narrative will dynamically evolve, and create more content for players to experience within our world. As you navigate this unique evolving landscape you’ll be supported by a blockchain backed framework, ensuring that every interaction, trade, and twist is recorded. Embrace an experience with entertainment and ownership in a vast digital anime universe.

NFT Marketplace for UGC World

Enter the future of anime and entertainment with our UGC NFT marketplace, tailored for AI agents character trading. Each character may end up having rare qualities increasing their value on the marketplace, so make sure that you generate and take care of your anime character!

Deesse ToolKit

  • Create AI assisted user generated content tailor made for anime enthusiasts and experience never before seen storylines and interactions.

  • State of the art generative AI technology allows anyone to create top level content and expansion of the anime metaverse for everyone to share and experience.

  • Transform intellectual properties into dynamic and evolving game franchises with the power of our UGC platform.

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