what is Deesse's marketing strategies?

Currently, we are also working with a lot of media, capitals, and in the future, we would like to invite all the KOLs, media, creators to join us and reach people from all backgrounds. Top media cooperation: key announcement and preheating for NFT launch, in order to enlarge on the user penetration, Deesse aims to cooperate with 30+ core media from the middle to the top rank wide range for the intensive exposure. By building a long term partnership, Deesse intends to start a fixed and cooperative publishing channel relationship with those platforms, reaching the core target group of the core blockchain whenever there is hype news to spread out. long-term exposure cooperation with KOLs: tweets on the online platform, key events warming up, and forming a linkage with 20+ key influencers in the industry Native community cooperation: working closely with local communities, Deesse BD is reaching out to various local crypto and blockchain fan base communities such as FEB from Japan, ICN from Indonesia, Bigcoin from Vietnam, etc.

Also, as we treasure the community of our own as they are the core competitiveness we have and the allies we can trust with. Therefore, we will continue to encourage the community, listen to their voices, and send out airdrops regularly. Warm up before listing goes live Continuous weekly activities: Crazy Monday, Super Member’s Day, Deesse Challenge, Deesse AMA Major events online promotion and key announcement releases Regular inhouse AMA event The community will continue to designate core members to conduct AMA activities that interact with users. User research and other interactive activities

Deesse has been creating business pages of the game and promoting it on all important social channels like Twitter, Instagram, Medium, etc., with regular updates including daily posting, sharing and commenting with tagging of images help increase the reach of the project page to global users.

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