Token Economy

In line with the hybrid model to bootstrap growth and sustainable rewards system, we have designed four tokens mechanism as the key catalyst of games economics.

  • FTs (Platform token LOVE) / tradeable

LOVE is the platform governance token over the treasury. The treasury currently accrues and collects revenue via private/public sale of LOVE, NFT Card sale, transaction fees, and new opportunities present themselves. As a governance token, LOVE would also be used for making proposals and voting for decisions on game development and directions.

The design of Deesse tokenomics (hybrid of one and two token models) is to avoid inherent pain point embedded with two token models. Namely the second in-game currency token will be constantly dumped in the market due to inflation, putting great price pressure, even Axie SLP cannot avoid the vicious downward cycle.

In conclusion, the price/inflation pressure on the Platform token is limited due to

  1. The token value - backed by treasury which collects fee from investment, NFT sale and various in-game activities

  2. The exchange rate - controlled by the market CEX DEX

  3. The number of Platform token - capped as 20 billion

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