What does the phrase “ Enjoy to Earn” mean?

Unlike the popular idea of “Play to earn” in the Gamefi project, we introduced the concept of “Enjoy to earn” or “Enjoy and earn” due to two value drivers embedded in our game design.

A key value driver of Deesse is the monetary reward system delivered through robust, well-balanced economics, supported by in-game rewarding system and blockchain empowered token mechanics allowing players to earn tokens in the gameplay. This is the “Play to earn” part but it is not a simple “Play to earn” but strategy or skill-based “Play to earn”.

Another one is the excitement, joy, and fulfillment from the gaming experience where a player engages in-game activities and advances to higher levels via formulating strategy, practicing tactics, overcoming hurdles, and winning battles. Unlike Decentralized finance (DeFi), with a quantitative and straightforward goal of generating APR/APY % returns, Deesse is more complex dealing with both the “Qualitative” & “Quantitative” sides of the game and a balanced content-rich gameplay to engage the willing players to spend time, effort and money in the game for enjoyment.

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