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The Goddess quality levels are N, N+, R, R+, SR, SR+, SSR, SSR+, UR, UR+, UR flash, UR flash (1-5 stars). Game resources and items are tokenised. Unlock mysterious events such as battles, taverns, resurrections for great rewards. Players can set Goddesses to battle with them in Secret realms that can be reset without limitation - opening up every 72 hours. Quintuple strategy: Fighting with 5 Goddesses to protect one Goddess. Sharing of levels after placing Goddesses on the altar. Commission based bounty missions. Players can initiate requests to their friends to forge alliances and foreign aid.

Here are one of our fabulous girls:

This is Amenouzume. In Japanese mythology, she is the celestial Goddess who performed a spontaneous dance, enticing the sun goddess Amaterasu out of the cave in which she had secluded herself and had thus deprived the world of light.

Amenouzume decorated herself with club moss and leaves of the sakaki tree, lit bonfires, and made a platform of an upturned tub. Her inspired cries and divine dancing, during the period where she exposed herself, so delighted the Gods that they roared in laughter, awakening the curiosity of the sun Goddess.

In our game setting, she is a support from the Japanese camp. Her HP, Attack, Accuracy, DGR, and Defense levels are up to B level, with decent speed at C level. These attributes are enough for her to be a good leader in a team and attack the enemy forcefully.

If you praise her, she will get carried away. She is an honest and cheerful girl, but she suffered a lot growing up. Other than facing poverty, she suffered from many different kinds of abuse. Many unreasonable things had happened to her, and she even felt that her life was just as it is. She had already given up resistance, and listened to fate. Amenouzume is reliable, and she is cautious (she’s afraid that her clothing will be taken off one day). Because her former boss (Amaterasu Daishen) is often rude to her. "You... even if you flatter me, I won't take things off!" Daily conversations like this can seem a little overreactive, giving the impression that he is expecting something.

Balder, Old Norse Baldr, in Norse mythology, she was the daughter of the chief God Odin and his wife Frigg. Beautiful and just, he was the favourite of the Gods. Most legends about him concern his death. Icelandic stories are often about how the Gods amused themselves by throwing objects at her, knowing that she was immune from harm.

The meaning of her name is "white", "glorious", "lord" and "master". Because of her appearance being too high and dazzling, people can't bear to look at her directly. Her skin is fair and without any blemishes, and even her hair is said to be radiant.

Balder's wisdom and spirit are known to be flawless in the God Realm, but she has one shortcoming, her indecisiveness. One day, Balder had a dream with a premonition that she was about to die. Knowing that this was an unavoidable fate, her mother Frigga made an oath. As long as this oath is around, nothing in the world can hurt Balder. As a result, she became invincible.

The maiden of this Goddess in our game setting is a 17 year-old girl who is just as popular in school. She is tall, graceful, actively in sports, and can speak different languages very well. In the school, she always plays various male protagonists. She became an idol and many school girls went after her, and she enjoyed it. She often called younger kids "kitties."

However, one day, she suddenly felt very anxious. Although she was very happy to be sought after by cute girls, as a girl she also wants to be favoured by men. So she feels very confused. “That's not bad, that's not bad, it's hard to choose between the two... “. When she realised her indecision, "I don't deserve to be everyone's idol!". Sometimes she wanted to give everything up to just be an ordinary girl.

Perfect but unstable, this attribute has been carved into Balder's blood ever since.

Gaia was the Greek goddess of Earth, mother of all lives.

The ultra-primitive god in Greek mythology is the mother of all Gods, the most respected and prominent God amongst all Gods, Gaia and Chaos (Kaos) were born during the same time, and she is also the first ultra-primitive Goddess. She is the deification of the earth, the first true creator of the world and one of the original natural forces (the earth) that was able to create life. Her appearance marks the beginning of aligning chaos from disorder to order, and also marks the beginning of all things. She is described in "The Book of Gods" as follows: Conflict and chaos came from Gaia, the mother of all Gods, and it was this great mother who gave birth to all the Gods in the bright universe. In her body, we have seen both creation and destruction, both order and chaos, and in general, darkness and chaos are her essence.

Gaia in our game is about 20 years old, 175 cm tall, and has characteristics such as "motherhood", "elegance", and "the coexistence of madness and lust". She’s caring, tolerant, and powerful. In order to protect her children, she did not hesitate to fight against the Three Thousand Worlds.

She enjoys wearing a loose robe and a feather garment like a scarf.

She has inherited the orphanage that has been passed down from great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother for four generations as it’s a big female family, and all family members are full of motherhood. Because she spoils her children so much, she sometimes has sex with her sons, and even married them... Her father and grandfather are both from orphanages.

If she meets an abandoned child on the street, she will take them back to the orphanage without hesitation and raise them as her own child. Although she was young, she is called "mother" respectfully by everyone, and she was also happy about it.

She is full of love. If she knows someone is a child abuser, she will fight against them. Thanks to her, the bad guys stayed away from the orphanage.

Due to her strong characteristic of motherhood, she was selected by the God Surrender Plan and inherited Gaia's Godhead.

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