August 5, 2022

1.What are the specific changes to the daily income model of the Enjoy to Earn- Arena?

At the moment, there isn't much of a difference in the daily income of the arena between head players and regular players. We added the factors of card quality and arena ranking to the reward settlement to make the entire revenue model more reasonable. The greater the quality of your cards, the greater your weight in the reward calculation. Furthermore, the top 100 players in the arena will receive a ranking bonus, and the top 10 players will receive additional bonuses. Furthermore, the settlement of card quality is calculated based on the player's arena defensive lineup. Please pay close attention to the defensive lineup configuration in your arena.

2.We noticed that the maintenance announcement said that the settlement time of the Arena's season prize pool has changed. What time has it changed?

In the Arena, we've set up a season prize pool. Following the season, the top 20 players will be eligible for the season prize pool. As a result, the Arena's season settlement time has become critical, and many players will make the final sprint before the season ends. We originally scheduled it for 8pm (UTC+0) on Sunday, which would be inconvenient for many of our Southeast Asian players, so we changed it to 4pm (UTC+0) on Sunday. Most players find it convenient to compete for arena rankings before the season ends.

3.Recently, there is a question that everyone is very concerned about: Will Dear exchange for Love be opened?

Yes, we will launch the Dear Exchange function for LOVE this month. Dear and LOVE can be exchanged 1:1 by all players. Players can send DEAR to the specified address at any time, and LOVE will be returned to the user account on the 18th of each month. There is no maximum amount, but a small transfer fee must be deducted. This is the current plan, and adjustments will be made in the future based on market and player feedback.

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