September 23, 2022

Q1: Many players are concerned about the new server; could you provide some information?

We place a high value on the Chinese market, but the experience of Chinese users logging into the game is subpar due to network issues. We launched the Hong Kong server to expand into the Chinese market and improve the gaming experience of Chinese users.

The new server is an independent server, and its data does not communicate with that of the existing server. If players want to continue using the NFT on the current server, they can export it and re-import it to the new server. Of course, daily reward data is also independent. Players who have accounts on both servers can earn double rewards if they complete daily tasks on both servers.

This server, however, will not be launched anytime soon because we still have a lot of preparation work to do. Please keep an eye out for our subsequent community announcement for the exact opening time.

Q2: Can you tell me more about the YGG guild's impending arrival in the game?

To play the game, members of the YGG guild will rent NFTs to guild members via a third-party leasing platform. At the moment, the connection between us and the rental platform metaone is nearly finished, the associated functions have been developed, and the final test is underway. If nothing unexpected occurs, YGG guild members will join the game within the next two weeks.

To play the game, YGG players will connect directly to the existing server. We hope that the YGG guild's arrival will bring some new blood to deesse.

Q3: Can ordinary players use the rental system?

Our collaboration with the rental platform is still in its early stages, and the rental function needs to be tested and adjusted. If a player has some NFTs that need to be rented after the rental system has been running smoothly for a while, they can contact us, and we will communicate and connect with the rental platform on their behalf.

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