Crystal Warrior Humans

Soul type - 2 - Crystal

They were born after 1995 and will continue to be born to mature and aware mothers, they are humans who open the way to the dimension of the heart. They are here to teach us the value of love, they are little sages, masters who bring us back to planetary consciousness.

They are the successors of the Indigos and have been born since the 2000s. They do not profess any dogma but only spread the creed of love, respect for ourselves, for others and for our planet. Crystal or crystalline humans are often labelled as problematic, like autistic while children.

They are peaceful, forgiving, highly sensitive, quiet, understanding, easy-going, and often have psychic abilities. They are very vulnerable and for this reason they are still few here on Earth. They are powerful and manage to materialise their every desire. The colour of their aura is multi-colored, opalescent. They are born on Earth to raise the magical and evolutionary wave. They are human beings often very close to their mothers, they love art and creativity. They live in their own world, like autistics, but they also know how to relate to others when they want.

They have a lot of energy, but it is good for them to sleep undisturbed, because their quick mind really needs to regenerate during sleep. They can be very early risers, as they function with the motions of the cosmos, and therefore like to get up with or shortly after the sun.

Thanks to Crystalline warriors, the Goddesses and their spirit guides are with you, let’s fight for freedom!

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