November 18,2022

Q1:Why are there so many bugs in Deesse's recent short-term earnings?

The focus of deesse's operation has shifted in recent months to external cooperation, so it has collaborated with third-party platforms at the code level, causing deesse's system to become unstable. This was a mistake made by the deesse R&D team, which we have corrected and compensated the players whose interests were harmed.

Q2:Then why do players still keep responding to the problem?

Deesse previously did not store a lot of data into the database for server performance reasons, which made it difficult for us to verify players' problems. As a web3 project, our reward distribution system should be as safe and stable as the financial system, which is something we lack and are attempting to achieve. We are currently putting a lot of process and conditional data into the database so that we can check the data later. For example, we now save players' daily quest scores in the database so that if something goes wrong, it will be easier to determine what went wrong.

Q3:What are the development plans for deesse?

We will gradually improve deesse's chain tour attributes and gradually transform the existing system to make it more web3-friendly. For example, the original stone system will be released later as a web3 modification of the mine system, allowing players to directly dig out the original stone from the mine, refine it into more advanced materials, and then exchange it for deesse.

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