This white paper is an evolving document and as such there may be information within that is updated or changed throughout development. Last updated 1st December 2023.

Deesse contains two distinct missions, which relate to a single target: connecting Web2 with Web3 people worldwide, changing the world thanks to blockchain technology.

Mission 1: Deesse as Autonomous Anime UGC Platform and AI-Enhanced NFT Anime Art Marketplace. Players will be able to create their own anime realms using advanced AI tools and procedural generation. Enter a next-gen gaming experience where AI Agents power the gaming universe. Our AI agents learn and adapt to player behaviors, creating rich story lines and immersive in game experiences.

Mission 2: Furthermore, Deesse has the mission of connecting web 2 with web3 thanks to traditional tools, such as reading and knowledge of values, elements of the universe around us and of nature. A SAGA of 13 books will be published on AMAZON KDP (in ebooks and paper books formats): the storylines are related to NFT Anime Art Avatars. The book SAGA is denominated “Deesse: The books Of Love” and will be launched on AMAZON Global Bookshelf Marketplaces during 2024 and connected bookshelf markets.

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