Rainbow Warrior Humans

Soul type - 3 - Raimbow

They were born from the last two decades onwards. Who is born at the end of 2003 can be considered Rainbow/Crystal. They are new too and for this reason not much is known. They are extraordinary and are thought to embody the energy of the Mother Earth Goddess and want to show us how to get it. The Rainbow human is more inclined to the concept of group, of religion, of doing the right things unlike the diamond.

They too are enlightened, they are wise and serene, more interested in giving than receiving. They are sensitive to human negativity because they most likely evolved on other planets and this is their first experience on Earth and so they feel out of their natural place sometimes…

They are here to serve other embodied humans and need a protected environment where they can fulfil their mission, show us that we all have the potential to become like them. Because in possession of the frequency of the colours of the rainbow they make none prevail. They are fellows who do not like to specialise in anything in particular, they are versatile and curious about all fields of knowledge. They are intelligent, sociable and tend to become points of reference, but by sharing, because they don't like to bully. They are easily loved; they inspire trust and it's hard to forget about them because they leave their mark even after the first meeting.

They tend to lead groups, organise games involving everyone, since they are very sensitive to the problems of those less fortunate than them: especially if in a group there is a tendency to exclude or bully someone, the Rainbow Children become tireless champions in defence of the oppressed, while not attacking the oppressors.

They get involved both physically, mentally and emotionally, as they easily find a way to empathise with people and situations, they know how to easily adapt to any occasion. Over the years, thanks to the many experiences sought on several fronts, they form a multifaceted character and knowledge that makes them excellent teachers and guides. Rainbow humans are free-ranging foals: don't try to bridle them or try to train them! You would make silent but bitter enemies.

The life of the Rainbow Children serves them to experience all the opportunities, including the above sensory and spiritual ones and the resulting harmony makes them harmonious people and reference points.

They, having experienced very different situations, are able to transmit the knowledge to a large number of people. Rainbow Children are very fond of colours and naturally tend to combine them harmoniously.

We need you rainbow warriors and all your colourful abilities and magic powers. Support lost humans and lead goddesses to victory against the dark powers!

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