Diamond Warrior Humans

Soul type - 3 - Diamond

They are few on Earth but their presence will increase from now. Their power is very extensive. Diamond humans are men and women who are gifted for any subject, task and hobby. They are the channelers of the New Era and their energy spreads and propagates through so many things. They are eager apprentices out of sheer interest but not to appear knowledgeable. If born into difficult families they will not get carried away by negative energy.

They will not use their misfortunes to remain addicted to substances, to fall into depression, or to stop seeking the fullness of life. It rarely happens but even after years of pain and suffering they can emerge more brilliant and shining than before. They know they are right 99% of the time, maybe they could be seen as arrogant but they don't try to prove their point. They may just nod and smile at you and your opinion and then tell you their opposite way of seeing things. Sometimes they can throw themselves into arguments for fun and of course always win. They see situations more broadly and do not judge anyone.

They shrink from leadership, unlike Indigos and Rainbows, as the group's conception is offensive to them. In fact, a group implies a "we against you", therefore it is a question of a vision as the only reality that excludes any other. They do not identify with any planet, dimension or universe. They come directly from “ALL ONE”, from unity.

He or She, will come into your life only when you need him or her light and then disappear. They live a long and simple life. They are powerful and could command at will if they only wanted to, they could change the weather and move the vibrations of an entire area but it is very difficult and very rare for a Diamond to use their abilities for such purposes, so they have a built-in resistance not to.

We need you Diamond warriors, souls of light and miracles! Let's change the world now!

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