Traditional Player

In order to bring our existing user base into the crypto sector, the game platform will allow users to top up games credit via traditional payment gateway e.g credit card, Paypal, bank transfer etc. Then the game engine will create an in-game wallet for them to hold all crypto assets NFT, FT etc. The wallet address will be used to authorise transactions. The in-game hot wallet is not a decentralised, self-custody wallet like Metamask but serves as an interim solution to bring traditional player into crypto space (just like CEX, user can use fiat to buy crypto and stored the crypto into CEX hot wallet).
Based on our current data statistics, DAU 100k would come from non-crypto users. Additionally, those traditional, non-crypto gamers tend to value more on entertainment part of the game than economic incentives, balancing out and diluting predatory users, who primarily focus on short term, economic return