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3. In-game economy

How can players make money?
Native Token $LOVE
Rewards: Players, artists, and users earn $LOVE tokens by playing and creating NFT art to get rewarded.
Trading: $LOVE tokens can be traded or utilised within the NFT art marketplace.
Sharing of LOVE: The $LOVE tokens foster collaboration and community by enabling sharing between users, players, artists, and partner crypto projects."Sale of NFTs and Character cards
  • Upgrading tools and selling them;
  • Lending other players characters;
  • Battling with other players;
  • Design in-game items such as cosmetics, skins, and wearables
We hope and believe that you will be a strong man both in Déesse and in the real world. You must believe it too.
NFT in-game & out-game Marketplace
DEESSE.art extends its innovation to the world of digital art through its NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace. Here, artists can mint, sell, and trade unique pieces of digital art, with the $LOVE token as a key means of transaction.
Decentralised Ownership: Full ownership and control over digital assets.
Curation and Discovery: An advanced algorithm to showcase a wide variety of art.
Community-Driven Growth: Regular events, partnerships with artists, and community collaboration.