In-game items

  • NFTs (in game resources) / non-tradable
Players can purchase or play to earn in-game items such as equipment, gear, weapons, armours, skin etc. Some items can help upgrade capabilities or level up NFT Cards' skills e.g equipment, gear, weapons, armours while others only have cosmetic or social value e.g skin. Those items cannot be traded at market place directly. The value of those in-game resources embeds with enhancement on the capability index of NFT Card, will help improve the reward ratio for gamers.
  • FTs (in game currency) / tradable
Gold is the universal in-game rewarding token, which can be used to purchase in-game resources or exchange with platform token LOVE at a certain ratio. DAO will decide the exchange ratio each quarter and build it into a smart contract. Therefore, even though Gold itself cannot be traded at the marketplace directly, it is still considered a liquid asset due to exchangeability to platform token LOVE.
As a reward token with unlimited supply, the emission and consumption are carefully designed to manage the inflation pressure. Initial consumption is lower than emission to incentivise players. The game treasury will give back a portion of funds from private/public or NFT sale to early adopters and supporters in the format of Gold reward. Over time, the Gold consumption, which was needed to level up, will outpace reward emission. Regardless, players still benefit from higher yields due to value appreciation of NFT Goddess character cards and platform token LOVE in the event when the game economy becomes larger, more vibrant and robust. In the long run, the curve of emission and consumption will cross again. As platform treasury should accumulate sufficient funds to reward long term players in higher magnitudes.
In conclusion, there will not be significant inflation issues on the in-game currency token of Gold due to the supply & demand dynamics and exchange rate as the platform's token LOVE is carefully managed.
There are another two tokens issued in the game as rewarding incentives, diamond and stone, which cannot be exchanged to Platform tokens (non-tradable) but can they be consumed in the game to purchase equipment, gears, weapons, armours, skins or use to unlock story lines.
Goddesses equipments include: weapons, coat, shoes, headdress, gloves, rings
Equipment quality
Equipment quality is divided into white, green, purple, orange (equipment set), R, SR, and SSR. The higher the equipment quality, the better the equipment attribute.
Equipment Obtain
Playing in different settings is the main way to obtain a variety of equipment. Players can also buy and assemble materials from our in-game store and allied stores. In addition, upgrading one’s equipment will also improve one’s equipment attributes.
Equipment Upgrade
Equipment upgrade improves the equipment basic attributes. Equipment strengthening level is parallel with the equipment level. Materials used for equipment strengthening are: gold coins, iron, titanium silver, and steel.
Equipment inlay
Each piece of equipment can be inlaid with 4 gems. Treasure slots can be opened by spending diamonds. Gemstones are divided into blood stones, attack stones, speed stones, and defense stones, with 10 grades for each gem.
Each item has two artifact stats (Legendary artifact and Peerless artifact), with a default level of 0. Activate artifact properties and upgrade the artifact levels by using the unique experience stone and legendary Experience Stone. The maximum level of an artifact is 60.