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PvP battle royale mode

PvP battle royale mode is a fast paced all-out brawl in a contained map with players duking it out in the ultimate test of skills
One of the game modes of Deesse will feature a 3rd person PvP battle royale set around an arena environment. The map itself will feature an array of spectacular environments including Dungeons, Mysterious regions, Altar, and Tower of Trial.
Players will be able to select their lineup before starting the match. Choose wisely and pay special attention to your opponent's lineup. The key to victory is bringing a balanced team composition. The benefit of owning multiple Goddesses is advantageous as the flexibility you have will be able to round out an otherwise imbalanced team comp.
To enter the PvP battle arena in either big scale competition such as leader boards or small scale match rounds, players will have to pay for entry tickets. The algorithm of the system (on-chain smart contract) will pick a well-matched group according to the player’s level.