Deesse.art represents the next generation of gaming platforms, bridging the gap between decentralised finance (DeFi), gaming, and art. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Deesse.art aims to create an immersive gaming experience where players can earn rewards through the $LOVE token and participate in a thriving NFT art marketplace.
Decentralised Wallet Integration
Connecting your wallet, such as Metamask, Trust, etc., allows you to convert an in-game Goddesses team and seamlessly manage your assets within the game environment.
NFT Goddesses Characters
The Déesse goddesses are not merely visually appealing; they are also imbued with unique powers. With tremendous beauty and charm, these captivating characters hold incredible abilities that players can unleash. There are infinite ways to grow your Goddesses, either individually or as a team, offering a rich and immersive gaming experience.
$LOVE Token
LOVE is the native Déesse token, listed on Huobi, with more centralised exchanges (CEXs) to be added during 2023/2024. Additionally, players can redeem LOVE tokens from its synthetic $DEAR, earned through various games on the Deesse platform.
Engaging Battles and Strategic Improvement
Participate in thrilling battles and continually refine your strategies. The more you fight and enhance your gameplay, the more rewards you'll accumulate daily.
In-Game Earnings
Earn valuable in-game assets such as Diamonds and Gold, alongside $DEAR tokens (synthetic to $LOVE native tokens). These can be exchanged at a 1:1 ratio every 18th of the month, providing additional utility and incentives for players.
NFT Goddesses Upgrades and Strategy Enhancement
Players can upgrade their NFT goddesses, honing attributes and lineup strategies. Through intelligent gameplay and the correct combination of up to 6 goddesses in your combat line, you can increase your income and level up your goddesses exponentially.
Rarity Improvement and NFT Minting
Each NFT Goddess can be upgraded through different categories, including N / N+, R / R+, SR / SR+, SSR / SSR+, UR / UR+ / UR++ / UR+++ / UR++++ / UR+++++. Upon reaching the maximum level for each category, players can decide whether to mint or continue advancing.
NFT Trading
Once your NFTs reach MAX LEVEL, they can be MINTED and TRADED within the Déesse marketplace, allowing players to benefit from their in-game accomplishments and create a thriving economic ecosystem.
The deesse.art platform encompasses a diverse range of features that cater to both casual players and dedicated gamers. With a focus on the sharing of LOVE and an integrated system that rewards collaboration and skill, deesse.art is poised to become a leading force in the Play, Make Art, Share with the NFT landscape.